Painting Watercolor with the Bold Brush... A Three Day Workshop With Vlad Yeliseyev - April 15 - 17, 2020

Olmsted Plein Air Invitational Shop

$ 460.00


Join academically trained master watercolorist Vladislav Yeliseyev (Vlad) who will show you how to quickly capture the essence of the scenery with dynamic and powerful impressionistic approach. The artwork’s main message must be heard loud and clear and Vlad will show you how it is done in watercolor.

Vlad is a professional drawing and watercolor teacher year round and he knows how to make progress with his students. It does not matter if you are the beginner, intermediate or advanced level because his method of teaching through an individual approach. Vlad developed color mixing techniques specifically tailored for his students so their journey to fine arts would be enjoyable and effective. You are going to learn how to mix and apply watercolors without fear of being inaccurate.  He will show you the shortcuts to the path when every brushstroke applied is significant in its impact on the viewer. You will learn the importance of one detail above the other and therefore how to be selective in your painting process. 

Every painting is like a poetry, the less words wasted the more powerful message it conveys. On the technical side of things you will learn how to choose subject matter and compose your painting, you will study light and shade, as well as color mixing techniques using your primaries. In addition, it is all about a friendly and easy going learning environment which makes the process of going forward so much fun and brings excellent results regardless of all circumstances. 

During these 3 days you will paint various subjects from seascapes to cityscapes. All photo references will be provided.

Vlad is the signature member of American Impressionist Society and National Watercolor Society. His work is featured on the cover of February 2016 Watercolor Artist magazine. His technique was a subject of the articles in the national and international publications such as Plein Air Magazine, Watercolor Artist magazine and Art of Watercolour. He received prestigious awards for his work at national and international competitions. 


April 15 - 17th 
Wednesday through Friday 
Class size is limited!
Cost $460
Details and supply list provided upon registration


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