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$ 1,100.00


Hours before dawn, I walked through the quiet stillness with only holy men stirring on the streets of Old Bagan in search of a mighty vessel that would carry me South along the Irrawaddy River towards Mandalay. Once aboard, I awaited the sun on the top deck, alone and so at peace that I slipped into sleep, curled up to stay warm. The wind and the calm before the days first light must have whispered in my ear as I awoke to the most glorious sunrise reflecting in the shores all around me. With colors changing like a kaleidoscope, I moved around the ship mesmerized and entranced with my lens as my only companion. One corridor starboard particularly captured my attention and after a long while of stealing her beauty, I looped around the deck only to return in awe. In my brief absence, a mysterious angel had appeared. She was so lovely with her braid and her decorative face paint (made from tree bark and used as a natural sunscreen) and the shadow cast over her beautiful face left me breathless. I asked her if I may take her portrait.

River Girl’s eyes will meet yours across the room. Take a step back to enjoy her peaceful gaze. Pay attention to the dark side of her face. You might experience a side profile of her that is playful and auspicious.




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