“Downtown” by Christine Lashley

Christine Lashley

$ 2,800.00

16” x 20” Painting size, plus frame


This painting is about the excitement of the city: the lights, glitter and shape abstractions. My city paintings represent my most abstract ways to work. Paintings are almost always finished from memory and with intuitive marks, however they may start as on-location paintings or from photos in the studio. I use a lot of layering, transparent glazes, and thick, paint passages made with various tools (squeegee, knife, fingers, brush, and rags). I started this painting in Atlanta on location 2 years ago. I was set up with my paintbox on the street and met so many interesting and nice people enjoying a stroll on a lovely evening. Really, this could be any city... I like to create work that shows how cities have a similar feel around the world. I've lived and visited so many cities, but this one did start out in Atlanta!

Christine Lashley

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